About Us

Fraser Valley offer your home outdoor and landscaping decoration

We do Fencing over 15 years on the precepts of personal honesty, integrity and accountability to the customer. We also install Cedar Fences, Dog Kennels , Chain Link fence and Farm fence of different color and customized designs. We install fences for commercial and residential

Our prices include labor and materials. We are very professional, experienced, and with us a high quality job is guaranteed. Our prices are very competitiv We have installed many types of fences and ornamental varieties. We have more than 15 years of experience in this industry and have expertise, knowledge, and ability to tackle any fence design or project the customer can imagine. .

Our Services

Cedar Fencing

Our Fencing Services

Cedar Fence

We supply and install Cedar Fence .

Chain Link Fencing

Residential Chain-Link Fence comes in a variety of colours.


Dog Kennels

We design custom Dog Kennels for your Dog

Driveway Gate

We Install chain link gates and Ornamental gates

Chainlink Gate

Chain link fence outperforms just about every other type of fencing solution .

Farm Fencing

Fencing your rural property will ensure the perimeter of your property .